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Part of our roadmap is to ensure we support exciting, meaningful business to hit their goals with the use of Technology. Whilst this gives a huge sense of achievement, we wanted to go one step further and give a little extra. We therefore decided to partner with some of the UK’s most recognised charities to ensure they also attract the best talent possible for their highly important projects.

Each Charity we partner with benefits with an account manager with no less than 5 years industry experience, and the benefit of our premium service with highly preferential terms to ensure as much money stays within the Charity as possible.

Meet our Charity Team

Richard Long

Richard Long

CEO & Founder
Asher Grindle

Asher Grindle

Senior Associate

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05. 04. 2024

Jefferson Wolfe is thrilled to announce that we've concluded Q1 of 2024 on an absolute high! 

We're excited to share that we've significantly expanded our reach and impact in the European market, particularly in Germany. We've successfully added a substantial number of contractors to our esteemed roster of loyal clients, fortifying our position as a leading recruitment partner in the region.
02. 04. 2024

Elevate Your Tech Business: Prioritise a Seamless Recruitment Process

In the fast-paced world of technology, every aspect of your business counts, especially recruitment. Yet, too often, companies overlook the critical importance of a smooth and efficient hiring process
27. 03. 2024

A Gentle Reminder: Departing with Dignity

I interviewed a potential candidate for us at Jefferson Wolfe this week, and left this meeting super shocked at how much this individual criticised and complained about the company that helped them grow over the last 3 years. It got me thinking about the long term issues that could create for them.
12. 02. 2024

Embracing a Positive Work Culture: The Backbone of Success

After a fantastic team night out celebrating a tremendous start to 2024, I felt the need to share just how important it is, to having the right culture in your business.
11. 07. 2023

The advantages of partnering with a recruiter who specialises in C# development

Partnering with a recruiter who specialises in C# development offers numerous advantages for hiring talented C# developers
06. 06. 2023

We placed Ben into a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer role!

Harry has successfully placed a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer into a contract position with a leading UK charity.