Charity Jobs

Part of our roadmap is to ensure we support exciting, meaningful business to hit their goals with the use of Technology. Whilst this gives a huge sense of achievement, we wanted to go one step further and give a little extra. We therefore decided to partner with some of the UK’s most recognised charities to ensure they also attract the best talent possible for their highly important projects.

Each Charity we partner with benefits with an account manager with no less than 5 years industry experience, and the benefit of our premium service with highly preferential terms to ensure as much money stays within the Charity as possible.

Meet our Charity Team

Richard Long

Richard Long

CEO & Founder
Reece Cavozzi

Reece Cavozzi

Associate Director
Asher Grindle

Asher Grindle


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20. 04. 2023

Financial Year 2022-2023 Award Winners

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14. 04. 2023

Today marks 12 years of Jefferson Wolfe!

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