27. 03. 2024

A Gentle Reminder: Departing with Dignity

I interviewed a potential candidate for us at Jefferson Wolfe this week, and left this meeting super shocked at how much this individual criticised and complained about the company that helped them grow over the last 3 years. It got me thinking about the long term issues that could create for them.

As we navigate our professional journeys, it's essential to remember the impact we leave behind, not just in terms of our work but also in how we exit a role or organisation.
Leaving a business gracefully is not just about adhering to professional etiquette; it's about honouring the relationships and opportunities that have contributed to our growth.
In a world where connectivity is key, our professional circles are often smaller than we realise. Burning bridges can have lasting consequences, closing doors to potential collaborations and opportunities down the line.
Instead, let's choose gratitude. Express appreciation for the experiences gained, the skills honed, and the connections made during our time with an organisation. Acknowledge the contributions of colleagues and mentors who have supported us along the way.

By departing with dignity, we not only preserve our professional reputation but also demonstrate integrity and respect. So, as you embark on new chapters in your career, remember to leave behind a legacy of gratitude and goodwill.

Safe to say we wont be making an offer to this individual.