About Me

Work History:

I have been heavily involved in the recruitment, interviewing and hiring of staff for over a decade across various management roles which has helped me develop an acute understanding of the challenges that businesses and hiring managers face from my own first-hand experience.

Detailed orientated and empathetic I am able to fulfil the needs of my clients by sourcing candidates that fit their company ethos and culture far beyond the job description. The relationships I build are not purely transactional and I believe the true measure of success to be longevity. I take great pride in building and maintaining these enduring relationships based on trust and communication and it’s these strengths that lay the foundations to everything that I strive to achieve.

I do not take a scattergun approach to recruitment, I operate methodically ensuring that the roles I fill stay filled and that all parties are satisfied with the integrity of the process. I have a strong background in sales and business development across multiple sectors working for industry leading companies and have a proven and indisputable track record of exceeding client expectations. 

Specialist Areas:

My primary focus is on the tech climate domain and in particular the renewable energies sector, this is an area that I’m fiercely passionate about and this passion translates into a real motivation to affect positive change. This motivation was further amplified when I became a father. For the first time in my life I had (real) responsibility beyond myself and it forced me to take a deeper look into the world that I will one day be leaving behind for my son. We all have a moral responsibility to nurture our planet before it's too late and I am using the skills I possess to facilitate tech talent truly capable of making the world a more habitable place for generations to come.

If you are looking to work with a 360 recruitment consultant who is as invested in the growth and development of my clients businesses as they are, then I would welcome the opportunity to engage with you further.


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