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This year will mark my 20th anniversary in the recruitment sector, and what a journey it has been. Every day is a learning experience and with our wonderful industry constantly evolving, it's no wonder recruitment is one of the faster growing industries in the world. How companies recruit, the way employers support staff and what employees look for from a business continuously changes, meaning our role as a partner must adapt and we need be one step ahead to ensure our value add.

My focus has and will always be to work with companies who are going from seed investment to unicorn with a business that has purpose and meaning. It's important we partner with businesses that want to bring technology into other areas and create a better world for us now and for generations to come.  Such opportunities are in turn far more meaningful to take to market and become paramount in attracting the right individuals for the right reasons.

We firmly believe both our retained and contingent products are adaptable to each client and with a meticulous and thorough internal methodology followed each and every time we run a recruitment drive, I'm proud to say The Way Of The Wolfe will be around for many years to come.


My career hasn't always been in the recruitment game. After finishing my education at Wilmington Grammar, I then went to Westminster College to qualify as a professional Chef. Having fallen in love with cooking, I still hadn't fallen in love with the long antisocial hours for little pay. So I packed up my knives and learnt how to sell, the difference to others around me, was the work ethic I'd acquired working in kitchens. The change in career allowed for me to meet the most amazing person in my life, My Wife Nathalie, and to have three incredible children, who are the centre of our world.

If I'm not with the family, working or seeing the world, then you will find me Playing Golf, GoKarting, Fishing or doing something car related. 

Of course I'll occasionally get the knives out and cook up a storm, who knows, maybe a restaurant one day.


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