At Jefferson Wolfe, we offer Contract, Permanent, Retained or Executive search to ensure there is a service available that best suits our client's needs.


With more and more demand in the UK and Europe for good Tech Talent, our clients are increasingly asking us for our support in helping them with finding short to mid-term freelancers to keep their projects moving along in the right direction. 

So, we have partnered up with some of the UK's best Umbrella and Management companies to help us with all your UK contracting questions and employment and freelancing laws to ensure that you are working in a compliant fashion. Whilst making sure you aren't paying an accountant half your day rate for the privilege of doing your taxes.

European and German Law can be as complicated if not more so than the UK, so we have partnered with our local representative who holds an Indefinite AUG licence for the German market as well as multiple vetted Accountancies who will help you with all your local taxes in a compliant way.

To complement this we have made sure that all timesheets are automated online and a clear payments schedule is in play. Who said contracting needed to be complicated.  We want to make sure that the 10,000 contractors in our network can rely on us for making their contracts as easy as possible.


When any company is looking to add to its permanent teams it is important to make sure they source the best candidates,  who will not only have the competencies to fulfil their immediate tasks but who are also able to become a long-term asset to the business by bringing the right attitude and team spirit.

At Jefferson Wolfe, we endeavor to fully understand the cultural challenges that lie ahead as well as the technical ones.  We believe by taking the time to understand the environment and soft skills we are more able to submit candidates to our clients that are potential social and team fits, ultimately saving all parties time and energy.

We thoroughly understand the importance of looking to add to your company and aside from the obvious technical necessities, we dig a little deeper into the people we work with to make sure they are suited from personal and logistical avenues too. This includes languages, personal commitments, ability to travel, relocation experiences for individuals and their families and the ability to adapt to new environments.

For all permanent hires that are under our contingency offering, we will take the time to get a fully qualified spec of what you need for the position, allocate a marketing and advertising budget to help attract candidates as well as utilising our exclusive networks.



As the demand for building impressive tech teams increases each and every week, many of our clients ask us how can they hire an entire team of qualified individuals, without needing to take up all their time or using multiple recruitment channels costing them a small fortune.


So we have recently taken the retained search model that is usually used for Senior appointments and adjusted it to suit our clients when recruiting multiple positions. 

As each recruitment process is different, as is the tech stack and culture with each company, we would be far more confident in speaking with you to discuss your need in person rather than a generic solution. Our 100% success rate so far has helped place over 120 IT professionals on a retained search to clients in London, Manchester, Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam, Hamburg and Leipzig. 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.



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Call us to discuss your recruitment needs with our teams. With offices in the UK and Germany, we are well placed to help you on a national and European level.