15. 05. 2023

We have successfully helped Mike hire top tech talent

"Richard is the go-to person when you need to find the right person for the right role at the right time for the right price.

I've been working with Richard for years. I don't consider him a recruiter I consider him a talent sourcing partner able to amplify the capabilities of organisations I've supported.

Another way of looking at this is time is money and Richard saves you time.

One example is, you don't need to give him hyper detailed descriptions of the role you're trying to fill. It's a really easy conversation with Richard where he's able to distil very quickly what your enterprise's needs are.
How does he do this? Again when I stated it it's a conversation that he is listening to intently. You don't know this is the focus at first because Richard is a friendly individual that's easy to have a chat with, part of his strength.

When you're working with him, it's a pleasure to reflect on how you have this easy conversation yet at the same time he's asking focused, clarifying questions phrased different ways, more than once in order to distill what your needs are.

The type of Talents that Richard sources for you isn't someone that only meets the technical specifications that you required, you can go to any Talent sourcer for this.

Richard has this uncanny ability to find genuine teammates for your organisation.
He did this at a former employer and I was able to build my team without much stress because I was able to ask Richard hey, I need a developer.

He asks the standard questions about the skill set you need and then Richard asks you how flexible you are and then how much culture fit is needed.

Even if you dismiss the culture fit, Richard is paying attention because he knows that ultimately culture fit is what leads to a candidate success. He's not trying to do a quick flip and dump of a human to add to your enterprise he's genuinely looking for someone that's going to add value, strengthen your company.
I would happily work with Richard again, anytime. why build your own recruiting department when you can just give Richard a call and let him do the magic."

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