09. 02. 2023

The Diary of a Recruitment Business Owner

The diary of a Recruitment business owner: I was going to go with the diary of a CEO, but I believe someone has already taken this. 

As part of our new marketing strategy the management team and I have decided we should be far more active on our socials. I've been given the responsibility of putting together a weekly blog to share our business insights and experiences that we have as a boutique recruitment company.

With 2023 now in full swing, even though we still have inbound sales calls saying happy new year!!! When is too late for this? I reckon anything past the first week is a little insane, let alone Feb 🙂

Anyway, January is always a great time for us to ensure the teams are all set for a strong year ahead, and that everyone feels valued as we embark on yet another year. We therefore find January is a great time to meet with everyone individually, go over their personal wants and needs for the next 12 months, and to reward those deserving with pay rises and promotions. So, I'd like for you all to have a look at the profiles of Harry Stafford and Reece Cavozzi who have both been promoted to Associate Directors, along with Ryan Sadler for passing his probation and making it to Senior Associate in a record time. Well done to these guys, they have all worked super hard in 2022, and each have huge personal goals this year.

I'd like to look at the other end of the spectrum and say that January is also a great time to up skill within the business. Whilst December is great for spending some extra time with the family, it also allows you to look at those who perhaps haven't seen the results that they should or could have achieved. Then it's a question of asking, is this a training or management issue or the individual who for another reason isn't applying themselves fully?

So, having gone through a detailed internal assessment of where we can improve as a business, we are absolutely delighted to have partnered with one of the best sales trainers and life coaches in the market to help the entire business grow, learn and evolve over the next 12 months. (I'll share more about Muneer and the impact of his support in a later Blog)

One of the toughest hurdles we face in the Tech Recruitment world, is ironically finding people to work for us. Good, honest, reliable recruiters are hard to find, and when you do, they are usually well looked after by their current employer. But January was a great month for us, as we've successfully hired two great additions to the business, both joining as Senior Associates over the coming weeks and bringing a wealth of experience in Recruitment, and personal interest in our dedicated industries. I look forward to formally welcoming them to you all.