24. 02. 2023

The Diary of a Recruitment Business Owner, Volume 2

Let's kick start with saying just how happy we are with the NEW Jefferson Wolfe website that went live earlier this month. Darren and the team have worked around the clock to help us develop a one-off website that hopefully gives our clients and candidates a great insight as to who we are, and a pleasant starting platform for each recruitment journey. We've invested heavily with our R&D team to make sure the website integrates fully with our internal CRM, marketing platforms, and client accounts to streamline each process. Still, plenty of exciting add-ons that we are working on, so please watch this space and feel free to share any ideas you may have as to how we can take it even further.

The world of recruitment has evolved tremendously during my 20-year career, and to this day, one of the biggest hurdles that any Recruitment Owner will face is ironically finding the right people to join your business. So, it gives me great pleasure in being able to announce yet another great hire to the Berlin team with Josh Clifford. 

Josh has an abundance of experience in our market and that added with his charm and natural ability to build instant relationships is unquestionably a great asset to not only our business, but the client's and candidates he will work with moving forward. Welcome to the team!

"Giving Birth is easier than trying to revive the dead!"

Now that's a statement, and the meaning behind this is that far too often both individuals and companies spend way too much time trying to "revive the dead", instead of making way and "Giving birth" to NEW opportunities. Having interviewed a healthy number of people recently either for us, or on behalf of our clients, and carrying out our monthly One2Ones, there still seems to be a desire from people to try and work with either candidates or clients who clearly have little or no desire to work with them. Slow or even no response, missing interviews slots with no acceptable reason, communicate only on email and select only certain points to respond on, and just generally have little enthusiasm or appreciation to work with you. But yet, I still hear that people try hard to turn these relationships around. Why?

Of course, there needs to be some self-reflection on why this behaviour is occurring, but should you have gone above and beyond to ensure that relationship flourishes, and you still face a hard wall, surely your time is far better spent working on finding a new client, business partner, candidate, employer, employee?

I hold my hands up on this one also, looking back some of the biggest decisions in my career have been when I realised trying to revive a relationship isnt the right thing to do and to build new ones is.

So, take a moment to reflect on this for one moment. Look at those relationships, clients, customers, people you work with or even friends dare I say it, and if you feel that relationship is like giving CPR, consider what opportunities lie ahead if you focused that positive energy elsewhere.