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You have just secured that exciting new role, and as you hand in your notice, your current manager/employer realises that you will no longer accept being undervalued. By this point, the company has calculated the costs and time needed to replace you and feel a quicker solution will be to tempt you to stay. So they decide to give you the dreaded Counter-offer. This can of course be presented in many forms: an increase in salary, additional company benefits, a promotion or new job title, additional responsibility, a change in role, or any combination of these. But, why are they only on offer now?

There is rarely a good reason to accept a counter offer and stay where you are. You wanted to move, you've been through the recruitment process, you've been successful, and you have secured a role with a company that values you, and what you can bring to their business. Yet you still feel like you owe something to the company that made you feel the need to look elsewhere.

Take a moment to think about the following
  • From this moment onwards, your loyalty will always be in question
  • This lack of loyalty is likely to be an obstacle to future promotions and career progression
  • Management will look at you differently - after all, you do not really want to be there do you?
  • The Company will unquestionably begin looking for your replacement
  • Why are they offering you what you deserve now, rather than before your resignation?
  • Has the real reason you resigned been adequately addressed?

Don’t let this company hold you back any longer. Leave the business on a high note letting your peers and the business know that you are as good as they always knew you were, and value your growth.


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We are partnered with a global Financial Services company based in Frankfurt who are looking for multiple Junior Java Developers!

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We are partnered with a global Financial Services company based in Frankfurt who are looking for multiple Senior Java Developers!

Senior Game Producer

An innovative AAA game studio in Munich is at the forefront of redefining the gaming industry with a captivating survival RPG fused with city-building excitement. Utilizing Unreal Engine 5 and cutting-edge technology, the team is crafting a mesmerizing, procedurally generated world set to captivate players.

Junior Devops Engineer (C1 German)

Are you ready to elevate your career? Join an esteemed German institution for an initial 18-month journey as a Devops Engineer.
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