17. 02. 2023

We placed Nicholas into a Senior Software Engineer role!

Job Title: Senior Software Engineer

Sector: Renewable

Job Type: Permanent

Recruitment Service: Retained

Overview: Full stack vacancy predominantly using c# for a leading renewable energy company

"As a former client, for me Ryan has stood apart as adept, attentive, and invested from day one. He is not one to fade into the background, he will be there with you every step of the way, making himself an invaluable part of the process.

His hands-on approach is absolutely admirable. His dedication is contagious. And at no point does he over-extend, trusting and coaching you to get the best results for yourself, while offering the background support needed to make you shine.

With a forthright nature and calm demeanour, Ryan is an absolute boon to have in your corner, come what may, And he is not shy about listening and talking to everyone involved, to get at the core of the issue, and work out a path forward when need be.

Overall, he shines exactly in those skills and qualities that cannot be trained or taught, and I wouldn’t hesitate working with him again if the opportunity presents itself."

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