16. 02. 2023

Reece's Top 10 Interview Tips

The 10 big topics I cover with candidates before interview - are you ticking these boxes off?  

1. Non verbal communication - This is especially crucial in the "Zoom interview" world we live in, being engaged, using body language and showing engagement is crucial       

2. Dress code - Learn about company culture, presentation of yourself reflects on your standards of work  

3. Listen - Being concise and accurate in your answers will be achieved if you fully understand what is being said (it's not rude to ask them to repeat the question)  

4. Don’t talk too much - We have all been there, waffling away and taking up crucial time to be productive, never forget that the interviewer sets the questions for the time allocated  

5. Use appropriate language - If you don’t normally use long words, don’t do it in the interview, be a reflection on yourself and your personality  

6. Do your research - make sure you know the ins and outs of the firm, what they do, their latest achievements and news 

7. Confident not arrogant - Attitude plays a key role in interview success

8. Answer the questions - Specific examples are vital in "scenario" questions, it gives a massive opportunity to give real life examples of your skills and ability   

9. Ask questions - There is always a time towards the end of an interview where you will be asked if you have any, at this point NEVER say no, preparation and company research will allow you to show invested interest in where the company is going, ask about culture, next steps, team sizes and more  

10. Be you - At the end of the day you will spend more time with these people than your family, watching your favourite sports team or with your pet, so show yourself... You may find that you may not actually feel a "connection" if they dont understand you!