01. 03. 2023

How to produce a relevant recruitment process

Candidate Journey! How important is this to you and your business?

Each week clients approach us and ask for our help in sourcing them talented candidates for their business. The one question we always ask is, what difficulties have you faced since you started this search? The frequent response is that candidates take other roles.

Time after time this is down to the client's recruitment process and it not showing the candidate what's needed, or understanding what they want from their career. Sometimes the whole thing is wrong. So here are our top tips to help produce a relevant process. 

1. Avoid asking irrelevant questions. Why have you applied for this job? I didn't, you're paying a recruiter to headhunt me.

2. Process time.  We want to interview the candidate. Next available time is in 16 days. I mean come on. Really? You said it's an urgent hire. But it's going to take 4 weeks?

3. Don't have people conduct an interview who have no direct working future with the candidate. At times this is needed, but if someone has nothing to gain from conducting the interview, then are they likely to sell the company as best as possible?

4. Ensure you're fully engaged with the applicant. We can see what you're doing on a zoom call you know. Emailing John in accounts isn't a priority. Make people feel like you value their time.

5. Share why you love the business with them. It's the people who make the business and as humans we want to see who we will be working with. Tone of voice, positivity, talk about the wins. Telling people the role isn't a priority or the person who left was terrible, isn't going to inspire.