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After taking a few days to relax and unwind with the family I was able to not only appreciate some quality time with them, but I had the opportunity to self reflect on what changes I've made over the last 6 months from a professional perspective, and was amazed to see the results. I wanted to share this with our followers to help see what's behind our Wolfe brand.

LinkedIn "the professional social network" isn't usually the platform for posting self praise, flawless pictures and giving the impression life is free from bumps in the road. That's what both instagram and facebook are for. So I want to avoid painting that picture. In the same hand, I'm keen to share with my professional network what's changed at Jefferson Wolfe to have lead to such a huge difference in results.

It may sound like a simple thing, but the phrase "You are a product of your environment" is perhaps so under valued by many. In the last 18 months I have personally detached myself from anyone in business that has had a negative impact on Jefferson Wolfe, or those in the business. You'd be surprised at just how many people either take advantage of you, act with pure greed, or have little to no appreciation for being a part of a business. By simply removing these people from the company and streamlining every supplier, process, and behaviour, we have been able to attract a new class of individuals that has elevated our brand above and beyond anything we previously achieved. This is a true testament to each and every person who is now involved in the business, as they all believe in our vision and bring their A-game each and every day. I'm not for one second claiming online that if you once worked with us you were negative or a poor hire. My point on this occasion is that for the first time in the history of JW, from top to bottom we are a team who all have a clear vision and work hard together to hit our goals. The power and energy that this creates internally is magical to witness and to be a part of. Team morale is at an all time high, productivity is through the roof, and the demand for our services is now being retained months in advance. this a turn in the market demands, or is this to do with our change in mindset?

While the Tech market is possibly at an all time high throughout Europe with client demand, and the search for credible talent is more competitive than ever before, this is only a small factor as to why life at JW is what it is. Every call, email, text, WhatsApp, Zoom, Video and step we make it is done so with "The Way Of The Wolfe" mindset.

In summary, if you are a one man band, managing a small team, growing a division or even building a business. Select the right people to be around, along with only working with clients who want to be a part of your brand. Dont hesitate in pulling the trigger in making the change. Positivity breads positivity.


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