When any company is looking to add to its permanent teams it is important to make sure they source the best candidates,  who will not only have the competencies to fulfil their immediate tasks but who are also able to become a long-term asset to the business by bringing the right attitude and team spirit.

At Jefferson Wolfe, we endeavor to fully understand the cultural challenges that lie ahead as well as the technical ones.  We believe by taking the time to understand the environment and soft skills we are more able to submit candidates to our clients that are potential social and team fits, ultimately saving all parties time and energy.

We thoroughly understand the importance of looking to add to your company and aside from the obvious technical necessities, we dig a little deeper into the people we work with to make sure they are suited from personal and logistical avenues too. This includes languages, personal commitments, ability to travel, relocation experiences for individuals and their families and the ability to adapt to new environments.

For all permanent hires that are under our contingency offering, we will take the time to get a fully qualified spec of what you need for the position, allocate a marketing and advertising budget to help attract candidates as well as utilising our exclusive networks.

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