With more and more demand in the UK and Europe for good Tech Talent, our clients are increasingly asking us for our support in helping them with finding short to mid-term freelancers to keep their projects moving along in the right direction. 

So, we have partnered up with some of the UK's best Umbrella and Management companies to help us with all your contracting questions around the UK, employment and freelancing laws to ensure that you are working in a compliant fashion. Whilst making sure you aren't paying an accountant half your day rate for the privilege of doing your taxes.

European and German Law can be as complicated if not more so than the UK, so we have partnered with our local representative who holds an Indefinite AUG licence for the German market as well as multiple vetted Accountancies who will help you with all your local taxes in a compliant way.

To complement this we have made sure that all timesheets are automated online and a clear payments schedule is in play. Who said contracting needed to be complicated.  We want to make sure that the 10,000 contractors in our network can rely on us for making their contracts as easy as possible.

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